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The California Functional Capacity Evaluation

The California Functional Capacity Evaluation is an objective, peer reviewed, published procedure that is derived from the RFC-DOT.  In this FCE,  Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) is indexed against the federal standards.  The objective standards that were established in the journals Spine and The Clinical Journal of Pain eliminates uncertainty, liability concerns, and reports are produced at the ‘click’ of a button.


Consider these advantages:

  1. Complies with all California established practices.
  2. Quick & Easy to perform
  3. Objective published standards eliminate guessing and estimates
  4. Cost efficient, no expensive equipment to purchase
  5. No travel costs for certification
  6. Self-contained reports are computer scored and generated
  7. Peer-Reviewed for both validity and reliability.

View a sample of our computed generated California Functional Capacity Report, click here.